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Key name: Admin
Element type: Dictionary
Status: Optional

Let you enter the admin mode. This allows you to access actions in the Admin menu bar.

  • Reload the interface (⌘R)
    This action reloads all the slides, navigation and monitors parsing again the slides group in the configuration file. Note that if you added or removed a slide. Octory will show the first slide. It is possible to reload the interface while simulating monitoring, but it will stop the simulation and reset the monitors states.
  • Reload the interface but save variables (⇧⌘R)
    This action reload all the slides like the previous one but saves the current variables values. This is useful for example when using conditional components to not setting again all the input variables.
  • Simulate monitoring (⇧⌘M)
    Simulate the installation of the applications you specified in the monitors array.
  • Reach complete installation state (⌥⌘M)
    Simulate the installation completion by setting all monitors as installed. Useful to quit the application when testing it with a BlurredBackground to be able to use the shortcut ⌘Q (or ⌃⌘⌥Q if set to).




IsAdminModeEnabled Required

Type: Boolean
Explanation: If set to true, the Admin menu item in the menu bar is accessible, and so are the shortcuts.


Do not forget to set the key to false after you tried you configuration and before installing it on an end-user machine.


Type: Boolean
Explanation: If set to true and using the MenuBar for the window OnScreen key, the menu bar window will stay visible unless you click in another screen or you right-click the menu bar icon. Useful for editing.


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