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Element type: Dictionary

When a key is of type FontConfiguration, for example the TextFontConfiguration of the Text Component, it allows you to configure the font used to display the title of this component. Here are the keys used in this configuration.


NameTypePossible ValuesRequired
TextAlignmentStringLeft, Center, Right, Justify
SystemFontWeightStringBold, Black, Heavy, Light, Medium, Regular, Semibold, Thin, UltraLight



Type: String
Explanation: Let you use a font configuration style defined in the Font styles section.


Type: String
Explanation: The full name of the font. You have to use the PostScript Name for a match with the macOS fonts book. For example “Avenir-Light”, or “HelveticaNeue-ThinItalic”.


If no match if found, Octory will use the standard system font.
It is simple to find the PostScript name, simply open Font, select the font and do a View/ Show Font Info or ⌘I.


Type: String
Possible values: Left, Center, Right, Justify
Explanation: Choose the text alignment. Default is Left.


Type: Number
Explanation: The point size of the font you want to use (or the system standard font if no font name is specified)


Type String
Possible values: Bold, Black, Heavy, Light, Medium, Regular, Semibold, Thin, UltraLight
Explanation: When you don't specify a Name key for the font, Octory will use the standard system font. You can then specify which weight to use. You can refer to Apple's documentation for more info about those weights.


Type: Color
Explanation: Specify here the text color


Single string style

When using a parent style font you don’t want to modify, you can replace all the dictionary with a single string. Just like that:


Size and Name

If you specify the Name key with no Size key, Octory will use the regular size. If you specify the Size key with no Name key, the system standard font will be used. You can also specify only the SystemFontWeight. Doing so, regular size and standard font will then be used. Note that specifying the SystemFontWeight key when the Name key is also specified is irrelevant, and the SystemFontWeight key will be ignored.


Type Boolean
Default: false
Explanation: Activate automatic URL link detection (_:// or _.domain). URL will automatically appear in system Blue foreground color. Clicking on it will open the web page with the default web browser on the Mac. If the OnScreen property is set as FullScreen or BlurredBackground, the link will open in the background.


We define here a font using the system standard, and modify its weight, its size and the text alignment.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">
<plist version="1.0">

We define here a font using the Avenir family with the Light weight. We also specify a color for it, and modify its text alignment.