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Components can be used to display different type of content to the end user. This content can either be read-only (e.g. text component) or interactive (e.g. list input component).
There are two types of components:

  • Display components
  • Input components

All components are of element type Dictionnary.

Display componentsInput components
TextText input
ImageSecureText input
WebList input
PDFCheckbox input
App Monitoring

Display components

These components allow you to display content to the end user.

Input components

These components let you ask for end user input. You choose a variable name in the variable key. This variable will be used as a key to let you find the value entered by the end user.

All input values will be available in a single JSON or Plist file. You can choose the format and the path of this file in the Input configuration. Octory will override the content of the file or create one only if the end user has entered at least one input (or if an input component has a default value).

An input will be saved when one of the following actions is executed:

  • when the end user goes to the previous or next slide
  • when you have configured a Button component with a SaveInputs action and the end user clicks the button
  • when the App terminates

After the end user entered an input, you can use it like a variable in Octory. The name of the variable will be the value of the Variable key, or a composition with the input field(s) when necessary. Refer to the input component to know when a composition happens.


You can add validation to an input component. It’s a Dictionary in which includes multiple keys to validate the user input. When adding a Validation key, the input component will be considered as Mandatory by Octory. The slide will be unvalid (the user will not be able to go the next slide or to quit the app) until all Mandatory fields are filled correctly.