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Deploy with Jamf


Before you start

This guide considers that the packages are already created and signed for deployment. Please review Create a custom package, Create a resource package, and Sign Octory packages for deployment if needed.

This section will describe the steps to deploy Octory with or without a resources package with Jam Pro. Packages can be deployed as a Bootstrap package, when signed with a Developer Signing Certificate provided by Apple, or as a Policy.


Some MDM solutions (like Jamf Pro) allow the creation of a Signing Certificate for this purpose.

Two methods will be covered by this guide:

  • Bootstrap package deployment
  • Policy deployment at enrollment

Consider the following checklist as a reference to deploy Octory with Jamf Pro:

  • Octory package signed by Amaris or Custom package signed by your organization
  • Octory resources package signed, if necessary, by your organization
  • PreStage enrolments with Mac computers

The main components for deployment are:

  • Octory package
  • Octory resources package

Upload your packages

Upload your Octory package to Jamf Pro: Settings > Computer Management > Packages

Jamf Settings
Package Page

Set the installation priority to 10.


If you have an Octory Resources package upload it the same way.

Resource Package Page

Set the priority to 1.


Setting the priority to 1 will install the Resource package before the Octory package. It will avoid Octory to run without all the resources in place.

Resource Priority

Deploy as a Bootstrap package during setup assistant


Packages require to be signed with a valid certificate for this deployment method.

Go to Computers > PreStage Enrollments and edit your preferred PreStage Enrollment.


Select the Enrollment Packages payload

Enrollment Package

Click edit and add your Octory and Octory Resources packages and select the Cloud Distribution Point radio button.

Cloud Distribution

All the Mac computers assigned to the PreStage Enrollment will install Octory during the Setup Assistant and Octory will open when the user gets to the Desktop.

Deploy with a policy at enrollment

Go to Computers > Policies and create a new policy.

New Policy

Name the policy 00 Install Octory check the Enrollment Complete, Recurring Check-in boxes, and set the execution frequency to Once per computer.


Jamf Pro installs the policies in alphabetical order so we want this policy to execute as soon as possible.

Policy configuration

Go to the Packages payload and add your Octory and Octory Resources packages.

Package Payload Package Payload Configuration

Set the Scope to your desired group of Mac computers and Save the policy.

Policy Scope

All the Mac computers in the scope will install Octory and Octory Resources as part of the enrollment tasks.