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You can ask Octory to execute API requests to the supported APIs. The currently supported APIs are:

  • Jamf
  • Jamf Pro
  • Airwatch (Workspace ONE)

To provide credentials to Octory to let it authenticate when making the request, you have to launch the application providing your base–64 encoded credentials as arguments. The application will then store them securely in the system keychain. This is done through the Helper and thus it has to be running whenever you use API credentials. You can learn here how to manage the Helper installation.

Once you have provided a credential, you will not need to provide it the next time as it will be stored in the system keychain. That said, if you provide the same credential, the previous one will be overwritten. Here are the arguments:


APIAuthenticationOption name (long)Note
JamfBase–64 Basic AuthjamfBasicAuthJamf credentials token encoded in base–64
JamfProBase–64 Basic AuthjamfProBasicAuthJamf Pro credentials token encoded in base–64. After having retrieved the token, Octory will request a session token (bearer token) to avoid to use your credentials and thus to reduce security risks.
AirwatchBase–64 Basic AuthairwatchBasicAuthAirwatch credentials token encoded in base–64
AirwatchHeader ‘aw-tenant-code’airwatchApiKeyAPI key required to make Airwatch API calls. How to get your key

Pass your Jamf and Jamf Pro credentials to Octory

/Library/Application Support/Octory/ --jamfBasicAuth [YOUR_JAMF_CREDENTIAL_TOKEN] --jamfProBasicAuth [YOUR_JAMF_PRO_CREDENTIAL_TOKEN]

Later, if you want to update your credentials, run the application the same way:

/Library/Application Support/Octory/ --jamfProBasicAuth [NEW_JAMF_PRO_CREDENTIAL_TOKEN]

Get your base-64 encoded credentials

To get your base–64 encoded credentials token, simply run

echo -n username:password | base64

Example (do not use this password in real life)

echo -n jdoe:toto123456789 | base64