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Actions PRO

You can execute an action in Octory by inserting them in an ActionSet. An ActionSet can contain several actions of several types. You can specify a Condition for each action to be executed conditionally.

To specify the action type, fill the required key Type. You can also specify a condition under which the action is executed. The current available actions list is on the left

Condition in the ActionSet Vs. conditions in the Actions

As you can specify a Condition for an ActionSet, and a Condition for each Action the set holds, be aware that if the condition of the set is evaluated as true the action will not be executed if its own condition is evaluated as false. The priority is put to the action condition, as it is more specific. That said, if the condition of the set is false, none of its actions will be executed.
This process is summarised in the following chart for a chained ActionSet.

Actions Dispatch